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Invitation and Program

December 08-09, 2018 in Kiel University Pool (25m)
This is a swimming competition for juniors, seniors and masters.
Organized by Schwimmverein Wiking Kiel von 1939 e.V.

Pool:  2 x 25m, 6 lanes separated by wavebreaking lines. Water temperature 26° C, automatic timing.

Session 1, Saturday, Dec. 08, 2018 - Warm up 9:00, Begin 10:00
Event    1 - 100m Indiv. Medley Women2010 and older Event    2 - 100m Indiv. Medley Men
Event    3 - 200m Freestyle Women2010 and older Event    4 - 200m Freestyle Men
Event    5 - 100m Breaststroke Women2010 and older Event    6 - 100m Breaststroke Men
 2010 and olderEvent    8 - 200m Backstroke Men

Session 2, Saturday, Dec. 08, 2018 - Begin 30 Minutes after end of Session 1

Event    7 - 200m Backstroke Women2010 and older 
Event    9 - 100m Butterfly Women2009 and older Event  10 - 100m Butterfly Men
Event  11 - 50m Breaststroke Women2010 and older Event  12 - 50m Breaststroke Men
Event  13 - 200m Indiv. Medley Women2009 and older Event  14 - 200m Indiv. Medley Men
Event  15 - 800m Freestyle Women2008 and older Event  16 - 800m Freestyle Men
Event  17 - 1500m Freestyle Women2008 and older Event  18 - 1500m Freestyle Men

Session 3, Sunday, Dec. 09, 2018 - Warm up 9:00, Begin 10:00
Event  19 - 50m Butterfly Women2010 and older Event  20 - 50m Butterfly Men
Event  21 - 200m Breaststroke Women2009 and older Event  22 - 200m Breaststroke Men
Event  23 - 100m Backstroke Women2010 and older Event  24 - 100m Backstroke Men
Event  25 - 200m Butterfly Women2008 and older Event  26 - 200m Butterfly Men

Session 4, Sunday, Dec. 09, 2018 - Begin 30 Minutes after end of Session 3

Event  27 - 50m Freestyle Women2010 and older Event  28 - 50m Freestyle Men
Event  29 - 400m Indiv. Medley Women2008 and older Event  30 - 400m Indiv. Medley Men
Event  31 - 50m Backstroke Women2010 and older Event  32 - 50m Backstroke Men
Event  33 - 400m Freestyle Women2009 and older Event  34 - 400m Freestyle Men
Event  35 - 100m Freestyle Women2010 and older Event  36 - 100m Freestyle Men

General and special regulations:

  1. The competition will be held according to the FINA rules and the rules of the German Swimming Federation (DSV). It is open for all international swim clubs. The "One Start Rule" applies.
  2. Entries must include swimmers name, year of birth, event numbers and times. To avoid errors please use DSV/LENEX format or use our International Online Entry Form ( Entering clubs take responsibility that their participating swimmers are in good health and fit for the competition.
  3. Entry fees are for 50m events 3,50 EUR, 100m and 200m events 4,50 EUR, 400m events 6,-- EUR, 800m and 1500m freestyle 8,-- EUR. Please transfer all entry fees to the account of the SV Wiking at the Förde Sparkasse Kiel, IBAN: DE64 2105 0170 0019 0011 14, BIC: NOLADE21KIE. If the money has not arrived until the day before the competition it must be paid in cash before the first start.
  4. Entries address to: Alice Krüger, Alte Landstr. 2, D-24107 Quarnbek, Germany.
    Phone+Fax: ++49 4340 4997991, Email:
  5. Entry Closing Date: Wednesday November 28, 2018.
  6. The final program with all entries and detailed Club entry lists will be posted on the SV Wiking Homepage: After the competition all results will be shown there as well. Paper copies cannot be handed out.
  7. Age Groups: 2008 and younger, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000/1999, 1998-1993 and all Masters groups 25-29 yrs., 30-34 yrs., 35-39 yrs., ... and on.
    Please observe the DSV-rules: Ages 2008 and younger must not start more than six times per day !

  9. The heats will be set according to the times entered. Womens heats will be started at the window side of the pool and the men's heats at the tower side. In case of too many entries for the 400m, 800m, and 1500m freestyle, there will be two swimmers starting in each lane and the number of heats can be limited. With two swimmers in one lane timing will be manual ("Half Automatic").
    Please remind, that for 800/1500m freestyle you must have your own assistant showing the lap counters. If there are significantly more female than male entries, female events from the end of a session can be started on the men's side (tower side). In this case the last female events of a session (e.g. 800 and 1500m Freestyle) will run at the same time and participating in both events may be impossible !
  10. Medals will be awarded to the 1-2-3 places in all age groups. Places 1-10 will receive certificates. For a new "Weihnachtsschwimmen" meet record a cup will be awarded.

Good budget places to stay overnight can be found under

On both days the Campus Suite Bistro on the entry level of the Sports Center will offer a wide variety of foods and beverages.

T-Shirt "43. Internationales Weihnachtsschwimmen":  Again we will be selling our famous "Weihnachtsschwimmen" T-Shirt, price EUR 10,--. Please make orders along with your entry.

Meet Records "Internationales Weihnachtsschwimmen"

F R A U E N :
50m Freistil0:26,14Laura Frederike SelleSG Stormarn Barsbüttel18.12.2016
100m Freistil0:56,54Nathalie LindborgTrelleborg Kappsim16.12.2007
200m Freistil2:04,17Lea BoySwim Team Elmshorn19.12.2015
400m Freistil4:23,07Kea KörnerSG Elbe19.12.2010
800m Freistil8:49,59Lea BoySwim Team Elmshorn19.12.2015
1500m Freistil16:50,07Taina RaezkeSwim Team Elmshorn20.12.2009
50m Brust0:32,63Kim LosenskyESV Frankfurt (Oder) 19.12.2015
100m Brust1:10,36Inga GäblerSG Elbe18.12.2010
200m Brust2:39,19Magdalena HroníkováMotorlet Prag16.12.2001
50m Rücken0:29,28Claudia OwczarzSC Delphin Lübeck14.12.2014
100m Rücken1:03,77Marion ZollerSG Hamburg03.12.1995
200m Rücken2:16,45Marion ZollerSG Hamburg02.12.1995
50m Schmetterling0:27,24Lucie SvecenáTschechien20.12.2015
100m Schmetterling0:59,23Lucie SvecenáTschechien19.12.2015
200m Schmetterling2:18,14Claudia FinkSwim Team Elmshorn16.12.2007
100m Lagen1:04,52Alisa RiebensahmSG Neukölln Berlin17.12.2016
200m Lagen2:17,03Taina RaezkeSwim Team Elmshorn19.12.2009
400m Lagen5:04,04Alisa RiebensahmSG Neukölln Berlin18.12.2016
M Ä N N E R :
50m Freistil0:22,75Danny WieckSC Wiesbaden 191118.12.2016
100m Freistil0:50,58Jens BüngerSG Hamburg20.12.1992
200m Freistil1:46,52Stefan HerbstSSG Leipzig17.12.2011
400m Freistil4:00,92Karl-Heinz KlenzSG Lübeck15.12.1991
800m Freistil8:12,35Lawrence FrostadSG Hamburg20.12.1992
1500m Freistil15:32,13Lawrence FrostadSG Hamburg20.12.1992
50m Brust0:28,70Danny WieckSC Wiesbaden 191117.12.2016
100m Brust1:03,32Karl-Heinz KlenzSG Lübeck14.12.1991
200m Brust2:21,34Martin GlifbergYstads Simsällskap16.12.2012
50m Rücken0:26,55Jan HabermannPSV Schwerin16.12.2012
100m Rücken0:55,04Stefan HerbstSSV Leutzsch18.12.2005
200m Rücken1:56,22Stefan HerbstSSV Leutzsch16.12.2006
50m Schmetterling0:24,29Stefan HerbstSSV Leutzsch21.11.2004
100m Schmetterling0:52,63Stefan HerbstSSG Leipzig17.12.2011
200m Schmetterling2:02,72Lasse FrankSwC Berlin16.12.2007
100m Lagen0:55,00Stefan HerbstSSG Leipzig20.12.2008
200m Lagen1:58,13Stefan HerbstSSG Leipzig20.12.2008
400m Lagen4:27,49Clemens KaiserSwim Team Elmshorn19.12.2010
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