12.-13.12.2020  -  45. IWS: Internationales Weihnachtsschwimmen in Kiel

Important Information

Dear international guests,

A big swim meet like our IWS "Internationales Weihnachtsschwimmen" requires some special regulations, so please read carefully the following information.

  • The Kiel University pool is divided into two 25m pools and the competition will be held in these two pools in parallel. The women will be swimming at the window side pool and the mens races will be held at the diving tower side.
  • Important: For the lockers in the changing rooms you need to bring your own padlocks !   Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended in the changing rooms.
  • During the competition result sheets will be posted on the tribune and in the main access way to the changing rooms. Detailed heat results (still inofficial) and our Live! Result Filter can be seen online in the Internet. You can see the results including all 50m split times immediately after each race.
  • After each meet segment ("Abschnitt") and only then certificates and medals are handed out to the club officials. Victory ceremonies will be held only for special achievements like meet records, national records etc.
  • Our famous "Weihnachtschwimmen"-T-shirts can be bought in the results room and on the entry level at the referee's food station.
    Jo Busse

    Swimshop JO BUSSE will be selling swimwear and accessories on the entry level behind the stairway.

  • Swimmers and accompanying persons can buy food and beverages on the entry level of the University Sports Center.
  • Food is not allowed inside the swimming hall. Glass bottles must not be brought into these rooms !!!  
  • Please take care that the air circulation vents in the swimming hall will not be blocked by bags or towels.
  • The little pool in front of the results room may be used only for a short relaxation immediately after a race and only if attended by a club official.
  • For the long distances on Saturday evening each swimmer must bring someone to show the lap counters.
  • Very important: All rooms not directly connected to the swimming hall except changing rooms may not be entered. The Sports Center Supervisors will deny all further access to the Center to all unauthorized persons watched in these rooms (video surveillance) !!!
  • In case that swimmer data is represented incorrectly in the meet entry lists please report immediately to

We wish you a good journey and a successful and enjoyable swimming competition.

Schwimmverein Wiking Kiel
Event Organisation

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